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If the words trim size and bleed just fly right over your head, don't worry! I created some files with the proper guides for you, so you don't have to worry about all that confusing technical stuff. Just drop in your art and create your text - it's that easy! If you have any questions along the way, I'm just an email away. Shoot me a message at :)


This Canva template for your KDP or IngramSpark Children's Book...

  • is correct dimensions & resolution with bleed
  • has guides for safe zone and bleed
  • includes copyright page template text


Files included:

  • Multi-page Canva Template: One for each page count option: 24, 28, & 32
  • Book Cover Canva KDP Template: One for each page count option: 24, 28, and 32
  • Book Cover Canva IngramSpark Template: One for each page count option: 24, 28, and 32
  • Instructional Step-by-Step PDF: How to add your art, text, and export to PDF for KDP or IngramSpark!
  • PLUS BONUS PDF: KDP Upload Guide for Children's Books to walk you step-by-step through the upload process! (IngramSpark guide coming soon!)


This Children's Book Canva Template is the perfect tool for laying out your KDP or IngramSpark children's book quickly and easily - designed to meet the exact specifications of the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform and the IngramSpark Publishing Platform. Use this template to create professional-quality, print-ready images and text with specific dimensions, format, and resolution.

8.5x11 KDP Children's Book Canva Template (Paperback)

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