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Magnet Packaging

When I started making magnets, I tried many different ways to package them (in packs of 4). I had the following problems:

  • Magnets would shift inside the packaging

  • Magnets would stick to each other

  • If I put two packs of magnets close to each other, they’d stick to each other & thus get shifted around inside the packaging

  • Tins were too expensive

I finally found a solution that works perfectly! The magnets stay in place, and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Read along for the answer…

The main part of my solution is this giant washer. Using 4 small washers gave me issues – the magnets would shift around inside the packaging. With a big round washer like this, the magnets stick perfectly to each of the 4 corners. Since the washer is so big, it’s strong enough to hold the magnets in place, so they don’t shift around at all – even if the pack touches other magnets!

I got the washers from my local home improvement store. I bought a box of them, and buying them this way, in bulk, they end up costing about 20 cents each.

Here are the supplies I used – clear plastic bag (3″x4″), 3 pieces of thick white paper cut to size, 2″ washer, and Aleene’s Tacky Glue.

First, put tacky glue on the washer.

Next, position the washer on one of the pieces of paper. It should be somewhat thick paper – I use blank index cards cut to size.

The glue causes the back to be all warped and wrinkled, so that’s why I put another piece of paper behind it – so you don’t see that through the packaging.

Sandwich the washer/paper between two other pieces of the paper to make it look pretty.

The sandwiched papers.

Place the magnets onto the papers

Slide the magnets into the plastic bag.

And you have your bag of magnets!

I like to print out a little header for my packaging, to staple to the top of the bag. I whipped this one up in Photoshop – I just used some of my art and put some text on the front. I also put my web address on the back, so people can find me again.

Fold the header in half & staple it to the bag.

Done! Here’s the finished magnet pack!

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